Product Photography - Dasha Designs

I was contacted by Dasha to photograph a series of bags that arrived late in their product cycle.  They needed images for their 2015 product catalog and were on a tight schedule to make the catalog deadline. Specifications for the images were discussed. The image color needed to be correct and the "DANCE" logo needed to appear prominently in each photograph. Also, they wanted the bags surrounded in a complete white setting. Since the bags are covered in clear sequins, the light had to be setup just right to eliminate bright specular reflections that degrade color quality. I've produced many product images and knew the lighting setup needed to create an elegant image with rich color that would jump off the catalog page. 

Dasha Designs has been in business since 1984, with over 1300 retail customers in the US, Puerta Rico, and Canada. Dasha is a wholesale distributor of products for the dancer, gymnastics, skating and cheerleading. "Customers comment on the beautiful appearance of our products; even saying shipments are fun to unpack!" Dasha is distinguished from other vendors by offering many items not found elsewhere. Ten product lines include: Hair Goods, Skirts, Bags, Jewelry, Hair Jewelry, Basics, Cosmetics, Costume and Dress Up, Gifts, and Hair Extensions/Falls.  Many of the items they carry are their own exclusive designs.

The bags were photographed at my Parkhurst Studio and the images were delivered to Dasha on time. They were thoroughly pleased with the results!