About me

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I started my photography journey in the early 70’s photographing people with my dad’s 35mm Pentax Spotmatic and a 135mm lens. He bought that camera during a trip to Japan. I still have it today. Shooting my first wedding in 1988, I was fully engaged in making pictures. Graduating to more advanced portraiture with studio strobes and portable flash. I found myself shooting a variety of work, from model and actor headshots, to commercial and editorial work. Shooting with Hasselblad medium format cameras and Nikons I shot many weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, events and corporate gigs, and worked on a few movie sets as still photographer. I learned retouching techniques and had great partners at the top professional photo labs in Dallas.

I left the business in 95, taking a different tac until 2006 when I started shooting with digital cameras and computer driven editing tools. Since then I have fully developed my digital workflow from image capture to the finished print, album production, advanced digital retouching, and in-house printing. I’ve learned from some of the best photographers in the world, continually strengthening my skills to bring you fabulous images.

My passion for capturing moments that matter to my clients is stronger than ever. I still get excited before every assignment, and consider it a humbling privilege to be a part of people’s lives, while memorializing these times.

Q and A with Mark

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Q. How would you describe you photography style?
A. I am a mixed pallet of classical, photojournalistic, and creative work. Flexible and non-intrusive, I am also able to take charge to get the images you desire.
Q. What distinguishes your work from others?
A. I’m on my toes all the time. Throughout the entire event I am constantly hunting for great moments to capture. I know my equipment and skill intimately, and anticipate the movements of people, which places me in a unique position to be in the right place at the right moment. Also, I have years of advanced skill in understanding light, both natural and artificial. I can create light, or use what’s available.
Q. What equipment do you use, and do you have backups?
A. I use the latest professional digital 35mm cameras and lenses from Nikon. My flashes are professional grade Nikon, Phottix and Elinchrom. I carry backups of everything, from spare camera bodies, lenses, flash, batteries, cables and memory cards. It’s all redundant and interchangeable. I pre-test every piece of gear before leaving the studio. It’s a meticulous process.
Q. Will you shoot from a list of shots we provide?
A. Absolutely. I will develop the list with you, make suggestions, and create a timeline that we agree on prior to the event. I don’t stop there. I will capture moments that matter, while staying as unobtrusive as possible.
Q. What information do you need in order to book?
A. I have an online questionnaire that collects all the important information and enters it into a database to track every detail.
Q. Do you travel? What are the additional cost considerations?
A. I will travel to any location except Mexico. I just don’t go there. Additional expenses require a funded travel expense account. I track all expenses, and if there are funds left over, I credit them toward the contracted fees. I never mark up travel expense.
A. Do you photograph other events on the same day as mine?
Q. Rarely, but it depends on the circumstances and the time commitments.
Q. What time will you arrive at the site and how long are you there?
A. I will arrive about an hour before the first shots are scheduled. I will pre-visit any location ahead of time to make sure I’m aware of every aspect of the location, light, and to coordinate with any property management for their rules.
Q. Do you provide photograph retouching and corrections?
A. I’ve spent years honing my editing skills. Your final work will be fully enhanced for color consistency and other corrective services. If you desire a specific enhancement you’ll be provided an estimate of per hour fees before the work is completed.
Q. Do you design the album layout?
A. I will design your album picture layout based on the collection chosen during the booking. You’ll access a private web site where you’ll be able to review and make changes leading to the finished product. I have standard collections that include album design and prints. You also have several options available, including cover color, size, number of images.
Q. What is your deposit fee for booking with you? Is it refundable?
A. A 50 percent retainer is required to reserve your date. The remaining balance is due 30 days from the date. There are certain restrictions to refunds but generally the refund policy allows half of the collected fees refunded.